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    Infrared Image of the Space Shuttle in flight at 94 kilometers away. Calibrated temperature measurements taken by Vision Engineering were within 5% of those from thermocouples attached to the shuttle.
    infrared Image of the Space Shuttle in flight showing strong areas of heat at the nose and edges of wings
    open blue sky, flying object with a vapor trail following it, light beam pointing to the object from an unseen location
    No, we were not shooting down a rocket with a laser. Vision Engineering was using a launch from Cape Canaveral as a “target of opportunity” for R&D in laser imaging and sensing.
    Tracking a 60 mm mortar in flight to evaluate laser weapon performance.
    grayscale image of a mortar on a dark background taken from tracking imaging
    photo of a large stationary weapon firing with a large plume of reddish smoke coming out
    Tracking a hypervelocity projectile leaving a 5-inch gun.
    Vision Engineering’s VT-100 tracking gimbal with an optics package ready for delivery to University of Central Florida.
    VT-100 Tracking Gimbal
    refurbished Black Mount
    Vision Engineering’s Black Mount, a re-purposed Cold War tracker refurbished by Vision. It has a 2,000lb payload.
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